Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the laser taggers, control system, and bunkers. Everything you need to have the perfect laser tag party, as well as a game coach to help keep the fun rolling.

Our team will arrive to your location at the scheduled event start time. For example, if your event starts at 1:00pm, we will arrive at 1:00pm. We will then begin setting up the battlefield which takes approximately 20 minutes. Prior to playing, our team will give a safety and tagger operation introduction, and then the fun begins! Total play time for a 2 hour event can range from 60 upward to 80 minutes depending on the attentiveness of the players. 20 minutes prior to the end of your session, all players will return to base and our team will begin to pack up. Players can continue to exchange battle stories and enjoy the rest of the event.

Our laser tag games are appropriate for players who are 8 years old and older.

Absolutely! Nighttime events are awesome.  Having said that, we do require that there is some lighting in the play area for safety reasons.

No, our laser taggers use infrared technology. Laser tag is NOT an impact sport where paint balls or other objects are hitting the players, making it ideal for everyone ages 8 and up.

Most individual games last about 10-12 minutes.

Laser tag is generally safe, but like any active sport there is a potential for injury. Players run around creating the excitement of the game and often exude a great deal of intensity! Although fun, this can also create the possibility of accidents. Players have fallen off playground equipment, accidentally hit each other with the equipment, run into or fallen over each other. Bumps, bruises, skinned knees and elbows are commonplace. Bee stings and poison ivy are sometimes unexpected hazards in the playing area. We work very hard to minimize hazards to players. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please point out any areas of concern before the party so we can cordon off areas unsafe for game play.

Younger siblings (ages 8 and up) are always welcome to play.  Please keep in mind that the smallest guns weigh 4.5 pounds and can be difficult for them to handle. Younger children also have more difficulty understanding the team play concept.

The sensors will emit a sound similar to a loud “UGGHH!” Your gun will then be temporarily disabled for 3 seconds. During the 3 second delay,  you will not be able to shoot or be shot at so you can use this time to take cover!

That depends on the location. If you are playing in a yard or a park then players should wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty. We recommend long pants in order to minimize scrapes or bruises in case of a fall.

We have mobile bunkers, that offer a place to take cover, allowing us great flexibility!  We can bring the fun to many places (eg customers’ homes, churches, camps, etc).

It is a good idea to have water available for hydration. We also recommend cleaning all animal feces from the property and treating for ants beforehand.

A few of the most popular games we play are:  Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, 007

No, our parties do not have a limit. A typical party package accommodates 14 players at one time. If you have more guests, we can rotate through the players at no extra charge. If you intend to have more than 20 players, we recommend booking a larger package so your guests aren’t waiting.

Our reservations go quickly. We require a 50% deposit to reserve your booking date.

Reach out to us here with any unanswered questions, comments, or concerns.

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